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      How to debug horizontal insulating glass two-component gluing machine
      Place the horizontal insulating glass two-component gluing machine on a flat and clean plane, connect the power supply and air source, and start the operation after they are confirmed to be connected.
      First turn on the air pump switch, the main power switch and the console switch, press the manual button on the console, then find the origin setting on the display screen, click the auxiliary origin setting, and then click the head origin setting. Pay attention to avoid collision between the head and the auxiliary suction cup when setting the origin.
      After setting, go back to find the glass thickness setting, first the glass thickness, then the aluminum spacer, and then the glass thickness. After entering, click the setting to enter. Wait until the command position is consistent with the current position value. Note that there is no glass on the conveyor belt during setting.
      Then it is mixed. Press the first bucket of glue button, press the work selection button, and then press the glue shooting button to start. After pressing the cutting open, the glue head will release the glue. When the white glue is not visible, press the cutting off after mixing evenly, and then press the link production line to run automatically. At this time, the glue can be applied automatically.
      Precautions for commissioning:
      1. After the operation of the machine on the same day, the rubber in the rubber hose shall be washed out to prevent hardening; If it is not practical for a long time, pay attention to cleaning the hose and gun with kerosene.
      2. For the silicone glue or polysulfide glue used in the two-component gluing machine, attention shall be paid to that the impurities shall not be too high. The low-quality glue is easy to block the filtering system of the hose, resulting in poor or uneven glue delivery.
      3. When changing the type of glue, pay special attention to flush the residual glue in the two-component gluing machine, and it is best to clean it, because the glue of different types and even brands is easy to react and block the machine.
      4. The pressure of the hydraulic station system cannot be adjusted too high. According to the actual situation such as indoor ambient temperature, adjust it to meet the normal glue output of the glue nozzle and apply glue evenly. When opening the hydraulic station, be sure to open the glue gun, otherwise the pressure of component B pipeline will rise very high, resulting in safety accidents.
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